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Every day, we take thing in life for granted. We assume the car will start, the roads will be open, the electricity will be on, the sun will come up in the morning, and the world as we know it will continue to spin. But some things – like the security of your employees – should never be taken for granted.


At ID Shop, we understand how important security is in the modern workplace. That is why we make it easy to get the equipment and supplies you need to ensure the highest level of workplace safety and efficiency.



We know that looking for IDs and ID card accessories with some companies can be frustrating. Customization options can be remarkably thin and rigidly enforced order sizes can force you to buy more than you really need.


At ID Shop, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we provide to our customers so that you always get exactly what you need in the right quantity. And you’ll never have to worry about cheap materials or flaws in production when you shop with us because we manufacture all of our ID cards in the United States.


Whether you need to order custom credentials for an outdoor festival or high quality IDs for every employee in the building, ID Shop has you covered. We stock everything ID-related from custom printed lanyards and plastic badge holders to ID card printers and supplies so that you always have what you need, when you need it.


If you need badges for an event or for your company, ID Shop will help you every step of the way. Do you just need simple identification badges with names and photos? We can do that. Do you need something a little more sophisticated, perhaps something that utilizes custom foil stamps or scannable barcodes? We can do that, too! Or maybe you need badges complete with RFID so that you can integrate contactless terminals into the workspace. We are way ahead of you. Whatever you need, ID Shop is here to supply it. Just send us a spreadsheet containing your data for the badges and we’ll send you the professional finished product.


We even have on-site services if you need us to help with cataloging and credentialing your customers and employees. We can travel inside and outside of the U.S. and have helped many multinational companies with their credentialing needs. This is especially useful for anyone running a large event where so much credentialing naturally happens on-site. Just look at our hundreds of great reviews and you’ll see why businesses all over the country trust ID Shop.


Whether you just need a small order of plastic badge holders or hundreds of custom IDs with variable data and high-security features, ID Shop is your one stop shop. Visit us online today!

Complete Your Event with Custom Badges from ID Shop

Putting together a major event is tricky. There are many moving parts and security is a critical element that simply can’t be overlooked. A successful event must be safe and well patrolled – especially if you are expecting a large number of attendees.


If you’re coordinating an event such as a concert, a convention or festival, one of the best ways to make sure people are accounted for is to have event badges printed and assigned to each attendee. If you print event badges and require your attendees to keep them visible, it makes it much easier for your security team to identify when someone is in the wrong place, find missing attendees, and improve the overall flow of your event.



With ID Shop, it’s incredibly easy to print event badges and VIP passes for your next event – and ID Shop does all of the heavy lifting for you! ID Shop specializes in printing high quality, professional IDs and badges and also supplies quality lanyards and other laminated products to fit all of your needs. They can personalize IDs and badges as much or as little as you need. Printed badges can include features such as unique serial numbers, bar codes, and even full color photographs, making it possible to have a unique badge for every attendee. This is a great security measure for ticketed events where people may need to prove that they have paid for access and are permitted to attend.


In addition to the badges themselves, ID Shop also offers a wide range of accessories to go along with them. Lanyards, for example, make it easier for attendees to ensure that they always have their badges with them and that they are easily visible to security. You can even have lanyards custom printed to further promote your event. ID Shop also offers economy lanyards to fit any budget, as well as a wide selection of plastic and vinyl badge holders. These are handy when you don’t necessarily need IDs to be visible at all times, but attendees still want to be able to access their badge without pulling out their wallets. With ID Shop, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to customizing your event IDs, VIP badges, tickets and more.


Custom event badges are a fantastic thing to consider when you’re coordinating a large-scale event. Not only are they more convenient for ticketing and security personnel, but they also make great keepsakes for event attendees. In the age of digital ticketing, it’s nice to have something tangible to remember that amazing concert, festival or con that you attended. With custom ID badges, your attendees will have something to hang on to after the event is over.


If you want to print event badges for your next event, ID Shop has many different available options. You’ll find that they are willing to work with you to create the perfect custom badges to make your event run as smoothly as possible.