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Choosing the Right Plastic ID Cards Online

There is always a level of uncertainty when choosing a product online. You can’t physically see or feel the product and you have to trust the information that is in front of you and the pictures that are presenting the product in the hopes that you will receive exactly what is promised.


Buying plastic ID cards online can be like that too. You have to trust the store you are using that they will get you the right product that you need based on what is being promised. With that in mind, you should choose a store that provides quality products, is honest and trustworthy and values its customers with great service. You need ID Shop, a leader in providing printing and ID supplies.



Today, we will look at how you can be sure you are choosing the right plastic ID cards online.


Choosing the right ID cards for your business starts by identifying the purpose for the ID cards for your business. IDs are used for many reasons, including identifying employees from other building personnel, visitors or temporary workers. They also can be programmed to grant access to certain rooms or areas within a building, or building access after typical business hours if necessary. They can serve as authorization to use certain equipment located in the building, such as an employee gym, mail room or printing room. Finally, IDs can be scanned as time punches to show when an employee reports to work and to track daily attendance.


Knowing the reasons people use ID cards, it’s time to determine the kind you need. It all depends on what you want the ID cards to do. If identification is all that matters, then a basic card usually does the trip. There are other cards that can be more specific and do more things.


Standard ID cards are commonly PVC cards, used for photo identification and usually no larger than the size of a credit card. PVC cards can be used with any card printer and are economical if you are printing a large amount of ID cards for people that simply need identification and not other security measures.


Standard proximity cards are about the same size as PVC cards, but feature an electronic chip inserted between two thin plastic cards that creates a sandwich effect and uses the electronic chip and antenna as a way to communicate. This is how building and room access can be allowed, as well as the use of certain equipment, all simply by scanning the card. These are the cards you need if you want to utilize IDs for security purposes so only authorized people gain entry to certain areas of the building.


There are also other cards like composite PVC or proximity cards that are much more durable and can withstand more wear and tear than standard cards. Magnetic stripe cards are designed to be swiped with specific information being embedded and programmed into the magnetic stripe. These are good for access and are similar to a card that transfer money for payment like a credit or debit card.


Where can you find the right ID card to print whatever you need and get your employees the identification and access they need? Look no further than ID Shop for everything you need when it comes to plastic ID cards online, with the best selection on the market. For answers to all of your questions and any customer service needs you may have, contact ID Shop by calling 844-443-7467 or sending an email to

Save Time and Money When You Buy ID Card Ribbon Online

One of the most frustrating parts of owning your own ID card printer is having to replacethe printer ribbon. Ordering ID card ribbon online from a trusted source like ID Shop can save you a lot of time and energy.



ID Shop is the premiere one stop shop for everything ID. We carry a wide selectionof card printers and replacement printer ribbons, making us a reliable source for all of your card printing needs. We are also one of the few shops that services the machines it sells, so we always have the appropriate parts on hand to ensure your card printer is running efficiently.


By shopping for your ID card ribbon online at ID Shop, you will never have to worry about rememberingthe make and model of your specific card printer. Once you order from us, your order information is always on-hand when you need it – and atID Shop, all orders over $100 are shipped free.


ID Shop carries every kind of ribbon you could need for your ID card printer. From standard black ink cartridges to retransfer film to full color ribbons with as much printing capacity as 750 images, ID Shop carries a wide range of sizes and styles.


We offer ink ribbons for major brands such as Zebra and HID/Fargo, as well as IDP, Magicard, and Matica/DIS/Edisecure. And if you find that your ID card needs extend beyond a simple ink ribbon, the experienced staff as ID Shop is always happy to help you find exactly what you need.

In addition to card printers and replacment ribbons, ID shop also carries blank cards, as well as a full line of accessories including lamination pouches to protect your cards and badge clips and lanyards to make them easy to wear and display.


To learn more about our full line of products and services, visit us online at Need help finding the right ID card printer ribbon for your printer? Contact one of our experienced customer service reps today at (844) 443-7467 or e-mail us at

Need ID Printing Supplies? We’ve Got Them!

ID cards should be important to any company. You need to find ways to identify employees when they enter your building via physical access control. IDs can help you do just that. They’re also a great way to keep track of who is inside the building from a security standpoint. If you’re an established business or one that’s on the rise, you’ll want to be able to print ID cards out at a quick rate. At ID Shop, we’ll make sure to give you the right products to fix or upgrade your ID card printing service. From our numerous parts available for your printer, to our cleaning kits that make sure that your printer is still a fine tuned machine after long periods of use, at ID Shop, we’re here to provide what’s best for you and your ever-growing business.



We make sure that we’ve got the most up to date products available for you to use for your securityID card printing service. Our ink ribbons provide the color and reliability you need to ensure that you print out those ID cards in complete color. The film capacity for our ink ribbons contain as much as 1000 imprints per roll. For the price that we offer these at, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal elsewhere.


If you’re looking to replace a certain part for your dye sublimation printer that hasn’t been up to par for a while, we offer a wide variety of parts available for you to use. When you purchase ID card printer parts from us, you’re not only replacing parts to make your machine run normally, you’re upgrading. We do our best to make sure that buying a printer part from us means that you’re making your machines a better tool to use for printing out cards at a quick and efficient rate. That’s how confident we are in our printer products.


Cleaning cards and kits are essential to making the printer run for a long time. What happens to a machine when it isn’t taken care of properly? It breaks down, jams and prints poor quality images. With our cleaning parts, we make sure you never run into those scenarios. Our IDP, Zebra, Fargo and Matica cleaning cards use solvents to remove dust and other dirty molecules from your printer. With our cleaning cards and kits, you’ll keep your machine running for a long time with a high-performance level.


If you have a question for us or would like to place an order, we can be easily reached by email at, where you can inquire about a current order or place a brand new one. We can also be reached by phone at 844-443-7467. We will immediately respond and be sure to give you the best customer service a business can provide for you. At ID Shop, we look forward to supplying you with the ID printing supplies you need and making you a valued customer!

Keep Your Building Safe

Not every business requires a heightened level of security, but for those businesses that cannot afford a security breach, an ID access control system is mission critical.


Access control is a feature that is often overlooked, but there’s no more effective way to make sure you know exactly who is entering your building or campus. A high quality ID badge is important to securing your building and knowing who gets inside.


In any setting – from college campuses to places of business – the quality of your ID badges is important. It is critical that you are able to easily identify fake badges and counterfeits so that you can always ensure your employees and students are safe. By creating and producing a high quality ID badge for your employees, students and security personnel, it becomes more difficult for third parties to duplicate your credentials and gain unlawful access to your buildings.



One of the ways in which this can be done is with an RFID tag or chip. On RFID ID cards, barcodes are usedas a tracking system that allow personnel tracking, access control, and asset tagging. They can also carry information that tells someone whether or not this ID or badge is real or counterfeit.


High quality ID badges and credentials are very difficult to counterfeit – and having a high quality badge printer should also be a top priority.


For schools and businesses that need to keep track of a large number of individuals, having a high quality badge printer on hand can make all the difference. This will allow for printing large quantities of badges and credentials over a period of time that all carry the same sort of information unique to each individual. Not only does it allow for these places to create their own unique badges and credentials, but it also offers a more affordable and efficient way to give out those badges and credentials.


ID Shop has the right badge printer for your business or campus. We have everything you need for all of your identification needs including single or dual-sided badge printers, custom printed ID products, plastic card printer supplies and much more – and all at a very competitive price.


At ID Shop, we aim to provide the best possible quality for the lowest possible price and we’re constantly improving and expanding our inventory. No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s photo ID related, you’llfind it at ID Shop.


Identification isn’t the only service we offer. We also offer a wide range of lamination products from pouch laminators to roll lamination film and everything in between. Check out our inventory today!


If you have any questionsabout a product we sell or a product you can’t find on our site, contact one of our experienced customer service representatives today and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.


Contact us today and take the first step towards making your business or campus more secure. We look forward to hearing from you!

Three Tips for How to Buy ID Card Printer Ribbons

Are you in charge of creating employee IDs for your company?
Whether you have been your company’s in-house ID expert for a decade or if you just had this responsibility added to your growing list this week, creating employee badges and reordering the right supplies – from blank cards to printer ribbons – can be a real challenge.


Here are some tips for how to buy ID card printer ribbons and supplies for your organization:



1: Choose the right supplier.
Before placing an order, choose a supplier that is an expert in the ID business and that keeps a wide range of supplies in stock and ready to ship. ID Shop has been in business for over 30 years and has knowledgeable staff on-hand that can answer any questions you might have about how to buy the ID card printer ribbons that are compatible with your printer and best suited to meet your business needs.


2: Timing is everything.
Before placing your order, consider how many IDs you will be printing and how many ribbons you currently have on-hand. If your printer ribbon supply hasn’t run out yet, you may not need to immediately reorder. Look ahead at what might require heavy usage – events such as seasonal hiring, special events or an influx of guests to your corporate campus. It may be best to delay your purchase until you can buy in a larger quantity to save money in the long term.


3: Think outside of the box.
Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s still the best way today. For instance, perhaps your business has historically used black-and-white employee ID cards exclusively, but is this the best option for your needs?It’s likely that technology has changed since the system was first implemented. It might be time for an upgrade. Never be afraid to improve the quality of your ID cards.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Card Printer for your Business

ID cards can grant access to buildings and specific rooms within a building, serve as employee identification, and can help enforce overall security and protect your employees. Having the ability to print your own employee ID cards can be worth the cost if you regularly need to print new ID cards in-house.


If you are looking for a plastic card printer for your business or organization, here are some things to consider to help you choose the right printer for you:



1: Technology
When it comes to card printers, there are two main options: direct-to-card and reverse transfer. Direct-to-card printing uses a dye-sublimation process. The printer head heats the panels of the ribbon, converting ink to vapor and diffusing it into the surface of the card. This is a method that can be effective quickly and used with full color, overlays and more. Reverse transfer uses a similar technology, but prints images on a clear film that is then fused to the surface of the plastic ID cards. This makes the print quality better and allows for printing on uneven surfaces. This can be a slower process than direct-to-card, but prints in higher resolution.


2: Capacity
When choosing a printer, it is important to consider whether you will be printing single-sided or double-sided cards. Single-sided card printers only print one side at one time. Double-sided printers can cut down on the print time by printing on both sides at the same time.


3: Speed
The importance of printer speed depends on how quickly you need the finished product. If you have a small group of employees whoneed ID cards and you only need to print a few at a time, having the fastest printer on the market may not be the best fit for you. On the other hand, larger organizations that need to produce cards in greater numbers on a regular basis need a printer with the speed to match their level of productivity.


4: Media
Consider the kind of cards you want to print. Cards come in very specific sizes and can range in thicknesses. Thicker cards are more durable, for example. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, choose an ID card that works for you and find a printer that is capable of printing on that style of card.


Whatever kind of plastic card printer you need, ID Shop can help. ID Shop carries a wide variety of printers in stock including single-sided and dual-sided printers at varying speeds to give you everything you need to produce in-house ID badges for your company or organization. Whether you need to print a large number of ID cards for a major event or a small group of badges for new employees in a small office, ID Shop has you covered.


Questions about which ID card printer is right for your business? Call ID Shop at (844) 443-7467 or email them at Their experienced customer service reps will be happy to provide answers, support and feedback.

Get High Quality Custom ID Badges from ID Shop

When you attend a major event or work conference, your ID or credential carries a lot of weight. Often, it is your ticket in and the primary way attendees will identify you as an invited member of the event. For special events, custom ID badges identify the event and its importance, not only for the organization running the show, but for the people attending it as well.


ID Shop can help you create custom ID badges and credentials for any event that include high-quality four-color graphics printed on one or both sides. All printed items from ID Shop also come in quantities of 100 so that you can get whatever amount you need for your event, and a variety of sizes are available. Custom ID badges can include a number of features such as photographs, names, titles, barcodes and more – all at no extra cost to you.



ID badges come in a wide range of sizes depending on what you need. There are more traditional badges like the special event card from PermaBadge that measures at 2.125 inches by 3.375 inches. Larger badges and credentials for special events can measure in sizes of 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches, which is PermaBadge’s jumbo size card, or in a 4 inch by 6 inch size, which is classified as PermaBadge’s special event card.


ID Shop also provides customized luggage tags, which are a perfect way to uniquely identify your bags while traveling. These tags usually measure at 2.5 inches by 4.188 inches.


At ID Shop, quality is always paramount. ID Shop can help you get the printed event credentials, badges and laminates you need on time, and they are always of the highest quality. ID Shop understands the purpose of ID badges and how they can be used beyond identification. ID badges can be used for controlled access, as well as provide safety and security to a business or crowded event.


While many badges come in quantities of 100 for convenience, special request orders are also available from ID Shop. Simply contact ID Shop for a custom price quote and they will quickly quote a price for you so that you can get exactly what you need for your next event.


For more information on custom orders or on how you can get started in a partnership with ID Shop to produce credentials or badges for your next event, contact ID Shop at (844) 443-7467 or email them

Five Reasons to Consider Custom Printed Lanyards

Do your employees wear employee badges? If so, have you considered custom printed lanyards? Here are five reasons you should:


1: Build a Team Atmosphere
Custom printed lanyards help to build a sense of community and belonging amongst your team members. Lanyards also make employees more quickly and visibly identifiable with your company, which increases overall security.



2: Build Brand Awareness
Custom printed lanyards carrying your company’s branding are highly visible and can make for one of the most visible parts of your company uniform. This makes them an ideal piece of real estate to display a company motto or communicate a particular message to your customers. Lanyards can stand out even if you’re rebranding, making your company’s new image hit the ground running at conventions, meetings and trade shows.


3: Increase Professionalism
Another big advantage of custom printed lanyards is that they simply look more professional. While there is definitely room for team members to express themselves with their own lanyards in certain industries, having a dedicated lanyard style across all departments can convey a much more professional image to the public.


4: Extend the Life of your Badges
Custom printed lanyards and plastic badge holders can also ensure that all of your team members are properly caring for their ID badges and access cards. By providing custom lanyards for your business, you are also ensuring that everyone has the same degree of physical protection for their badge.


5: A Cost Effective Solution!
Finally, custom printed lanyards are extremely affordable. This means that they can be treated not just as a uniform component, but rotated cyclically for different events. If your brand is pushing a major sale or product release, for example, it’s entirely affordable to acquire custom lanyards just for the event.


Lanyards are a modest investment that can go a long way. They can improve employee morale, signal to your customer base, and they don’t require much to acquire even for a larger team.


Questions? Contact ID Shop at (844) 443-7467 to speak with one of our experienced representatives or e-mail us at

ID Shop: Your One Stop Shop for Custom Lanyard Printing

Want to enhance your ID badges? Consider custom lanyard printing from ID Shop.


Creating custom lanyards with your organization’s or event’s logo elevates the overall look of your badge and adds an extra layer of security.


ID Shop offers custom lanyards with the following options:


● Steel Swivel J-Hook (Chrome-plated)
● Steel Swivel Bulldog Clip (Spring-loaded)
● Steel Lobster Claw (Heavy metal with spring clasp)
● Plastic No-Twist Hook (For badges that need to face forward all the time)
● Steel Split-Ring (Keyring style)


Two printing options are also available: Dye sublimation printing, which includes full-color graphics, text, and images, and screen printing, which includes Pantone PMS color matching.



Not Sure Which Product is Right for You?
One of the biggest benefits of working with ID Shop is their generous samples program. Customers can order samples of a wide range of products to determine which is the best fit for their needs. Obligation-free consultation with a member of our creative team is just a call or click away. You can call ID Shop at (844) 443-7467 or chat with one of our customer service team members at You can also email us anytime at


A Long History of Success
ID Shop has been providing badges, ID cards, lanyards and other ID products to hospitals, schools and thousands of other customers since 1981. ID Shop services customers all over the U.S. from its three service centers in Greenwood and Fort Mill, South Carolina, and Roswell, Georgia.


Much More Than Custom Lanyard Printing
Customers who visit our website will find a huge selection of products including custom printed ID products, ID badge accessories, card printer supplies, RFID and proximity products, and a full line of lamination products. With free shipping on all orders over $100, ID Shop offers the best value in identification and security badge products in America.


Our Customers Tell Our Story
Customer reviews tell the real story behind a company and its products. We encourage all of our first time customers to take a look at the customer reviews and ratings ID Shop has received because that is the true measure of a company. ID Shop stands behind its products, people,and customers. Try ID Shop for all of your ID and security needs. You’ll be glad you did.


Keep it Simple
Visit our website and find exactly what you need at a great price. ID Shop doesn’t sell second-rate, cheap imitations. Only the highest-quality products make their way onto our web pages. Quality creates value and our customers know that when it really matters, ID Shop has the highest quality products for the best price.


Let ID Shop help you with your next custom order! Call us today at (844) 443-7467 to speak with one of our experienced customer service reps or e-mail us at

Choosing a Badge Printer for Your Next Event

Thinking about printing badges in-house for your next event?


Printing custom event badges in-house can be a convenient and cost-effective option, but before purchasing an event badge printer, here are two important things to consider:


1: Data Tranfer
How do you plan to transfer data to the printer? At ID Shop, we carry printers equipped with USB connectivity, ethernet connectivity or both. Hybrid models that feature both USB and ethernet options are popular and provide the most versatlity.



2: Type of Cards
Once you’ve determined how you will transfer your data, you’ll need to decide what type of cards you will be printing. At ID Shop, you can find printers that produce single-sided and/or double-sided cards. Single-sided cards are more cost and time effective, as you only have to design one side. Single-sided printers are also typically less expensive than double-sided printers. On the other hand, double-sided cards are able to hold more information and are often considered to be more attractive.


Different styles of cards serve different needs. Single-sided cards are often ideal for staff IDs because the back of the card is rarely displayed, while double-sided cards are more functional for guests who are attending your event. You can even add company information or event details to the back of the card such as contact information or a special website URL to promote future events.


Need the ability to print both single-sided and double-sided cards? ID Shop also offers a wide selection of hybrid printers.


ID Shop has been handling all things ID – from printers to lanyards and everything in between – for over 30 years. We maintain our own warehouse of products, which allows us to fill orders quickly as we already have most products in stock. For items we don’t have stocked, we turn to trusted suppliers with whom we’ve built a solid partnership. This significantly reduces the amount of time you’ll spend waiting for your new printer to be delivered. ID Shop also services all of the products we sell and we are equipped to handle all of your needs.


Ready to purchase a badge printer for your next event? Browse through ID Shop’s selection of badge printers and find the right printer for your printing needs. You can even find an event badge printer that will laminate your cards for added protection and durability!


ID Shop also carries all of the printing supplies you’ll need such as blank cards, printer ribbons and custom printed lanyards. ID Shop is your one stop shop for event credentialing!


Unsure of what you need or have questions about certain products? Call ID Shop today at (844) 443-7467 or email us anytime at

Get Your ID Card Ribbon Online at

Searching for a vendor that can supply ID card ribbon online can be confusing and stressful. Why not go to the company that invented ID card ribbon? At, you’ll find the entire ID badge and card printing products you need including ID card ribbon.


Modern World, Modern Company
ID Shop is the leader in ID badges and supplies with products that cover every facet of the ID industry. This small, family-run business that primarily sold ID cards to schools and hospitals has grown to include three locations that serve thousands of customers across the country.



ID Shop sells products that are manufactured around the world, but are also very proud of the products they make at home in the U.S.A. Everything offered by ID Shop has been tested to insure it meets stringent quality standards.


Setting the Customer Service Bar
Selling and delivering quality products is only part of the story for ID Shop. Though today you may only be looking to buy ID card ribbon online, ID Shop also offers a wide range of ID cards, accessories and supplies. ID Shop can take care of your ID needs for you or they can provide you with the equipment you need to handle everything in-house. In either case, customers receive the highest level of customer service.


ID Shop’s staff averages 15 years of experience with the company, ensuring that you always have access to knowledgeable reps who can answer your questions and help you find the solution that best fits your company’s needs.


Easy as 1-2-3
At, you’ll find everything you need to produce ID badges and cards as well as many other important products and accessories including ID card ribbon online. Or, you can call (844) 443-7467 and the staff at ID Shop will be more than happy to answer your questions.


ID Shop works with only the finest products from the best manufacturers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of products in each of the following categories:


● Custom Printed ID Products
● ID Badge Accessories
● ID Card Printer Supplies
● RFID and Proximity Products
● Lamination Products


When you need to purchase ID card ribbon online – or need help with any other identification products and services – ID Shop can help.


Building Relationships By Offering Great Values
Quality products create value by lasting longer and keeping the process easy and efficient. ID Shop helps customers receive the greatest value by selling only the finest equipment at the most competitive prices. Only by delivering the quality and value each customer expects can ID Shop retain its reputation and continue to receive high ratings from its customers. The staff at ID Shop doesn’t just sell products, they build long-term customer relationships.


Questions? Contact ID Shop today at (844) 443-7467 or e-mail us at Let us help you with all of your ID needs!

Custom Printed Lanyards: A Small Detail that Makes a Big Impact

From conventions to musical festivals, teaching conferences to employee training sessions, events come standard issue in nearly all industries and walks of life – and the truth is, it’s often difficult to make your event stand out from all of the other events on the calendar.


The best way to stand out is to have something unique and special about your event. This could be an exclusive special guest, an interesting venue, or unique activities to engage attendees. Even something seemingly small such as personalized invitations and ID badges can make a huge difference in how your guests perceive your event. Special added touches like custom printed lanyards can also make a huge impact on your attendees.



Long before your event takes place you will have a guest list. Perhaps you sold tickets to this festival or convention, or maybe you’re working with a company or school system that has selected a specific group of employees to attend your conference. Either way, the names of everyone expected to attend will be available far in advance. Take advantage of this!


The first moments of your event will set the tone not only for the rest of the conference or convention, but also for how attendees will remember it months later, when they’re recommending events to their friends and coworkers. Just as in any business, first impressions are critical and at your event, attendees’ first impressions will be made during the sign in process. Don’t let that first impression be made with a generic paper ID badge.


Instead, welcome your guests with personalized, laminated ID cards that can be printed quickly and inexpensively from ID Shop, an online store with over 30 years of ID experience. Include your guests’ pictures, or at least eye-catching designs that will make your cards appealing and worth keeping after the event. (Make sure to include your contact information on the back of your custom cards to make it fast an easy for guests to find you again.)


ID Shop’s custom printed lanyards can take your event credentials to the next level – and the more attractive the lanyards you attach to your badges, the more likely your guests will repurpose them for daily use after your event. Through ID Shop, you can design beautiful, colorful lanyards with your event’s logo printed across them using ID Shop’s 100% accurate photo-realistic printed images for effective and effortless branding.


With custom printed lanyards, guests will leave with a keepsake they are proud to display, thus spreading the word of your event to future attendees.

Impress your Guests: Buy Laminating Pouches and Customized IDs

ID badges are everywhere, from conventions to school trips, open houses, conferences, and even in our daily lives, appearing on security badges and employee IDs.


Guests at your events have seen hundreds if not thousands of IDs well before they receive yours. In order to leave a lasting impression, you need to break the mold of basic IDs and design an ID that is sophisticated and pleasing to the eye – an ID that reflects the amount of work and care you put into your event. When you choose subtle, colorful ID designs with detailed information about your guests – and buy laminating pouches and adjustable lanyards to complement your badges – you completely elevate the entire check-in experience and create a charming and delightful introduction to your event.



Regardless of whether you are mailing out your IDs ahead of time or handing them to guests when they sign in, the event ID is often the first thing your guests will receive that is affiliated with your event. Your guests will get their first impressions of you and your company from the IDs you hand them, making it crucial for you to choose the right design.


A plain white card with only the guest’s name in standard font across the center will strike viewers as cheap or even worse, lazy. It is too simple and shows a minimal amount of effort. IDs like this are hardly better than disposable nametag stickers written with permanent marker. Don’t make the mistake of oversimplifying your IDs.


Custom printed IDs from ID Shop will give your badges personality and a uniqueness that will make your guests happy to wear them. Choose simple colored backgrounds for formal events or more complex, exciting artwork for conventions and festivals, transforming your IDs from simple tools to fun memorabilia for your guests to take home and save. With ID Shop, you can choose to add your guests’ photographs and titles to the glossy, rounded corner IDs, personalizing them to make attendees feel welcomed to your event.


Even the most impressive IDs do little good if they aren’t displayed effectively. In order to keep IDs legible and where everyone can see them, you’ll want to buy laminating pouches and adjustable lanyards to display your badges. Laminating pouches protect your IDs from wear and tear, as well as from dirt or other stains that can make them impossible to read.


ID Shop carries a wide variety of pouch sizes so that you can be sure to find the right fit for your IDs, and our pouches come pre-trimmed, saving your team valuable prep time since all you need to do is slide the cards in.


Once your IDs are adequately protected, you’ll want to attach them to adjustable lanyards so that all of your guests can wear them at a legible height. Lanyards free your guests’ hands while simplifying the security process. All it takes is a simple glance to know who is who. Adding a personal touch to your badges with ID Shop’s custom printed ID lanyards is sure to take your IDs to the next level.


When it comes to your event, you would never settle for the bare minimum, so when it comes to planning your event, so don’t settle for boring standard IDs. ID Shop has over 30 years of experience with custom IDs. With ID Shop, you can buy laminating pouches and adjustable custom lanyards that will really make an impact on your guests.

Four Reasons Why You Need Custom Photo ID Badges for Your Next Event

Custom photo ID badges are a high-end option many companies choose when they want their event to really stand out in their industry. Why should you create custom photo ID badges for your next event?


1. Improve safety and security
You’ve taken the time and energy to plan the perfect event, and now you want to ensure the safety and security of all of your attendees. Though there are security guards posted around the event, it is difficult for guards to judge who is supposed to have access when ID badges don’t include photos. With photo ID badges, an attendee’s face must match his or her badge, which discourages uninvited guests and improves overall security. The last thing you want is to have a generic event credential lost and picked up by someone who is not supposed to be in attendance.



2. Increase overall event integrity
Many events are planned as a means of gathering a variety of people in the same industry together in one place. Business ideas are shared, new business ideas are birthed, and everyone leaves with the feeling that the event was worth the time and money. Custom photo ID badges aren’t necessary for this type of gathering to occur, but when all participants have these amazing photo IDs, it lends a sense of integrity to the experience. It also makes it easy to ascertain who’s working the event and who is attending.


3. Elevate the attendee experience
Attendee experience, to some extent, is reflected in the “freebies” offered at an event. A high-end takeaway like a custom photo ID badge with a sharp, colorful design and a matching lanyard makes your attendees feel as though they are valued and appreciated.


4. Make a lasting impression
While badge quality doesn’t necessarily reflect event quality, that doesn’t mean your attendees don’t connect the two. If two businessmen were standing side-by-side and one wore a sticker nametag with a name printed in permanent marker and the other wore a custom photo ID badge, which one would appear to be attending a higher-quality event? In this aspect, badge quality can make a huge impression and actually be used as a means of marketing your event to current and future attendees.


Our parent company was founded in 1946 and ID Shop took form in 1981. From the start, our small, family-run business has focused on high-quality products at an affordable price, combined with the best customer service team in the industry. We aren’t in the market of selling cheap, low-quality products just to earn a buck. Instead, we offer an experience that can only be provided by a company with decades in the business.


Take a look around our online store at, read our customer reviews, and browse through our wide range of printers for custom photo ID badges. Feel free to contact us at 844-443-7467 or at anytime with questions, concerns, or to place or check on the status of an order. We’re an American-based company that sells American-made products for customers who deserve the very best.

Hosting a More Professional Event with Custom Badges

You have worked for months on this big event. The guest speakers are lined up, the catering has been finalized, and the attendance list continues to grow. Nothing is stopping you from holding the most outstanding event in your industry today except for one thing: Do you have a professional event badge printer or are you asking your guests to write their names on plain white stickers?



After 30 years in the business, ID Shop understands the importance of offering your customers the treatment you would want to receive. It’s the same when it comes to your event. Ask yourself: how much would you get out of an experience like this if you did not know the name of a single person in the room? What if everyone had an ID badge, but you could not read any of their handwriting? An event badge printer solves this issue.


In addition to making your event stand out, custom badges have other benefits including:


#1: Networking
You have successfully planned your event and there are people from all over your industry together in one room, talking and mingling. In the business world, you can’t effectively network if you don’t know a person’s name and organization. Would you want your keynote speaker to walk into the room and no one know his name? The same rule applies to all of your attendees. Providing guests with professional badges, created with your own event badge printer, can bring together attendees and help to form new business relationships.


#2: Security
A professional event badge can help you quickly determine if someone is a registered attendee at your event. When considering event safety, think beyond metal detectors or pat downs at the door. Something as simple as an ID badge can improve security by ensuring attendees are invited and are authorized to be at your event.


At ID Shop, we have been providing everything from event badges to badge printers, printing supplies, card holders, lanyards and much more for over three decades. We stand by the fact that our quality and customer service are the best in the business. You don’t need to know a single thing about the printing process. We can walk you through it from start to finish with just one call.. Contact us today at 844-443-7467 or e-mail us at and let us help you make your next event outstanding!

Everything You Need to Make Your Event Run Smoothly

At ID Shop, we have a strong history of providing our customers with the best quality credentials, ID cards, badge holders, and ID card supplies. We’re passionate about delivering great products and service while putting you in control of your brand or company’s creativity. Whether you need supplies for everyday activities or you have an event coming up, allow us to assist you every step of the way. We already know how hectic planning, organizing, and ensuring your event runs smoothly can be, which is why we offer all the products and additional service you may need while you prepare for your event. Some of the event-related products we offer include event badge printers, custom printed ID products, badge accessories, and lamination products.



If you’re having an event with hundreds or thousands of people, it’s likely that you’ll want to ensure you have the proper security protocols to ensure that everyone at your event is safe and where they are supposed to be. This is where event badge printers and custom printed ID products can be of great use in terms of safety and productivity. If your event has a large number of people planning to attend, you might want to purchase an event badge printer so that you can quickly print badges on-site. We offer a wide range of badge printers so no matter what type of features or price you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it at ID Shop. Some of our badge printers include products from brands like Zebra, Fargo, IDP, and more. If you already have a badge printer, we have all the accessories for badge printers in stock and ready to ship. These include printer parts, printer cleaning supplies, ink ribbons, and blank cards. Custom printed ID products like security hologram labels, laser-printable ID material, or


wristbands can provide your event with extra safety measures that guests will be sure to not only notice but appreciate.


When you shop with us, you’ll get trustworthy service and quality products. You can purchase items online through our website or over the phone with our customer service team. Our customer service team is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have from Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm through our online messaging system, via phone at 844-443-7467, or via email at


We offer high quality products with low cost, but we’re only as good as our customers say we are. Read some of our customer reviews below:


“ID Shop saved us a lot of time and gave our credentials a very professional look.”


• John Cline, Director of Event Operations, M&T Bank Stadium


“ID Shop is always there for us when we need them.”


• Red Leonard, Event Management & Games, The University of Alabama


“I fell in love with ID Shop. Once again, they did a phenomenal job from the initial set-up to the artwork and delivery. They knew what we wanted and went above and beyond.”


• Leticia Serafin, Ticket Manager, Creation Entertainment