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Impress your Guests: Buy Laminating Pouches and Customized IDs

ID badges are everywhere, from conventions to school trips, open houses, conferences, and even in our daily lives, appearing on security badges and employee IDs.


Guests at your events have seen hundreds if not thousands of IDs well before they receive yours. In order to leave a lasting impression, you need to break the mold of basic IDs and design an ID that is sophisticated and pleasing to the eye – an ID that reflects the amount of work and care you put into your event. When you choose subtle, colorful ID designs with detailed information about your guests – and buy laminating pouches and adjustable lanyards to complement your badges – you completely elevate the entire check-in experience and create a charming and delightful introduction to your event.



Regardless of whether you are mailing out your IDs ahead of time or handing them to guests when they sign in, the event ID is often the first thing your guests will receive that is affiliated with your event. Your guests will get their first impressions of you and your company from the IDs you hand them, making it crucial for you to choose the right design.


A plain white card with only the guest’s name in standard font across the center will strike viewers as cheap or even worse, lazy. It is too simple and shows a minimal amount of effort. IDs like this are hardly better than disposable nametag stickers written with permanent marker. Don’t make the mistake of oversimplifying your IDs.


Custom printed IDs from ID Shop will give your badges personality and a uniqueness that will make your guests happy to wear them. Choose simple colored backgrounds for formal events or more complex, exciting artwork for conventions and festivals, transforming your IDs from simple tools to fun memorabilia for your guests to take home and save. With ID Shop, you can choose to add your guests’ photographs and titles to the glossy, rounded corner IDs, personalizing them to make attendees feel welcomed to your event.


Even the most impressive IDs do little good if they aren’t displayed effectively. In order to keep IDs legible and where everyone can see them, you’ll want to buy laminating pouches and adjustable lanyards to display your badges. Laminating pouches protect your IDs from wear and tear, as well as from dirt or other stains that can make them impossible to read.


ID Shop carries a wide variety of pouch sizes so that you can be sure to find the right fit for your IDs, and our pouches come pre-trimmed, saving your team valuable prep time since all you need to do is slide the cards in.


Once your IDs are adequately protected, you’ll want to attach them to adjustable lanyards so that all of your guests can wear them at a legible height. Lanyards free your guests’ hands while simplifying the security process. All it takes is a simple glance to know who is who. Adding a personal touch to your badges with ID Shop’s custom printed ID lanyards is sure to take your IDs to the next level.


When it comes to your event, you would never settle for the bare minimum, so when it comes to planning your event, so don’t settle for boring standard IDs. ID Shop has over 30 years of experience with custom IDs. With ID Shop, you can buy laminating pouches and adjustable custom lanyards that will really make an impact on your guests.

Four Reasons Why You Need Custom Photo ID Badges for Your Next Event

Custom photo ID badges are a high-end option many companies choose when they want their event to really stand out in their industry. Why should you create custom photo ID badges for your next event?


1. Improve safety and security
You’ve taken the time and energy to plan the perfect event, and now you want to ensure the safety and security of all of your attendees. Though there are security guards posted around the event, it is difficult for guards to judge who is supposed to have access when ID badges don’t include photos. With photo ID badges, an attendee’s face must match his or her badge, which discourages uninvited guests and improves overall security. The last thing you want is to have a generic event credential lost and picked up by someone who is not supposed to be in attendance.



2. Increase overall event integrity
Many events are planned as a means of gathering a variety of people in the same industry together in one place. Business ideas are shared, new business ideas are birthed, and everyone leaves with the feeling that the event was worth the time and money. Custom photo ID badges aren’t necessary for this type of gathering to occur, but when all participants have these amazing photo IDs, it lends a sense of integrity to the experience. It also makes it easy to ascertain who’s working the event and who is attending.


3. Elevate the attendee experience
Attendee experience, to some extent, is reflected in the “freebies” offered at an event. A high-end takeaway like a custom photo ID badge with a sharp, colorful design and a matching lanyard makes your attendees feel as though they are valued and appreciated.


4. Make a lasting impression
While badge quality doesn’t necessarily reflect event quality, that doesn’t mean your attendees don’t connect the two. If two businessmen were standing side-by-side and one wore a sticker nametag with a name printed in permanent marker and the other wore a custom photo ID badge, which one would appear to be attending a higher-quality event? In this aspect, badge quality can make a huge impression and actually be used as a means of marketing your event to current and future attendees.


Our parent company was founded in 1946 and ID Shop took form in 1981. From the start, our small, family-run business has focused on high-quality products at an affordable price, combined with the best customer service team in the industry. We aren’t in the market of selling cheap, low-quality products just to earn a buck. Instead, we offer an experience that can only be provided by a company with decades in the business.


Take a look around our online store at, read our customer reviews, and browse through our wide range of printers for custom photo ID badges. Feel free to contact us at 844-443-7467 or at anytime with questions, concerns, or to place or check on the status of an order. We’re an American-based company that sells American-made products for customers who deserve the very best.

Hosting a More Professional Event with Custom Badges

You have worked for months on this big event. The guest speakers are lined up, the catering has been finalized, and the attendance list continues to grow. Nothing is stopping you from holding the most outstanding event in your industry today except for one thing: Do you have a professional event badge printer or are you asking your guests to write their names on plain white stickers?



After 30 years in the business, ID Shop understands the importance of offering your customers the treatment you would want to receive. It’s the same when it comes to your event. Ask yourself: how much would you get out of an experience like this if you did not know the name of a single person in the room? What if everyone had an ID badge, but you could not read any of their handwriting? An event badge printer solves this issue.


In addition to making your event stand out, custom badges have other benefits including:


#1: Networking
You have successfully planned your event and there are people from all over your industry together in one room, talking and mingling. In the business world, you can’t effectively network if you don’t know a person’s name and organization. Would you want your keynote speaker to walk into the room and no one know his name? The same rule applies to all of your attendees. Providing guests with professional badges, created with your own event badge printer, can bring together attendees and help to form new business relationships.


#2: Security
A professional event badge can help you quickly determine if someone is a registered attendee at your event. When considering event safety, think beyond metal detectors or pat downs at the door. Something as simple as an ID badge can improve security by ensuring attendees are invited and are authorized to be at your event.


At ID Shop, we have been providing everything from event badges to badge printers, printing supplies, card holders, lanyards and much more for over three decades. We stand by the fact that our quality and customer service are the best in the business. You don’t need to know a single thing about the printing process. We can walk you through it from start to finish with just one call.. Contact us today at 844-443-7467 or e-mail us at and let us help you make your next event outstanding!

Everything You Need to Make Your Event Run Smoothly

At ID Shop, we have a strong history of providing our customers with the best quality credentials, ID cards, badge holders, and ID card supplies. We’re passionate about delivering great products and service while putting you in control of your brand or company’s creativity. Whether you need supplies for everyday activities or you have an event coming up, allow us to assist you every step of the way. We already know how hectic planning, organizing, and ensuring your event runs smoothly can be, which is why we offer all the products and additional service you may need while you prepare for your event. Some of the event-related products we offer include event badge printers, custom printed ID products, badge accessories, and lamination products.



If you’re having an event with hundreds or thousands of people, it’s likely that you’ll want to ensure you have the proper security protocols to ensure that everyone at your event is safe and where they are supposed to be. This is where event badge printers and custom printed ID products can be of great use in terms of safety and productivity. If your event has a large number of people planning to attend, you might want to purchase an event badge printer so that you can quickly print badges on-site. We offer a wide range of badge printers so no matter what type of features or price you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it at ID Shop. Some of our badge printers include products from brands like Zebra, Fargo, IDP, and more. If you already have a badge printer, we have all the accessories for badge printers in stock and ready to ship. These include printer parts, printer cleaning supplies, ink ribbons, and blank cards. Custom printed ID products like security hologram labels, laser-printable ID material, or


wristbands can provide your event with extra safety measures that guests will be sure to not only notice but appreciate.


When you shop with us, you’ll get trustworthy service and quality products. You can purchase items online through our website or over the phone with our customer service team. Our customer service team is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have from Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm through our online messaging system, via phone at 844-443-7467, or via email at


We offer high quality products with low cost, but we’re only as good as our customers say we are. Read some of our customer reviews below:


“ID Shop saved us a lot of time and gave our credentials a very professional look.”


• John Cline, Director of Event Operations, M&T Bank Stadium


“ID Shop is always there for us when we need them.”


• Red Leonard, Event Management & Games, The University of Alabama


“I fell in love with ID Shop. Once again, they did a phenomenal job from the initial set-up to the artwork and delivery. They knew what we wanted and went above and beyond.”


• Leticia Serafin, Ticket Manager, Creation Entertainment

ID Shop: Your One Stop Shop for Everything ID

Every day, we take thing in life for granted. We assume the car will start, the roads will be open, the electricity will be on, the sun will come up in the morning, and the world as we know it will continue to spin. But some things – like the security of your employees – should never be taken for granted.


At ID Shop, we understand how important security is in the modern workplace. That is why we make it easy to get the equipment and supplies you need to ensure the highest level of workplace safety and efficiency.



We know that looking for IDs and ID card accessories with some companies can be frustrating. Customization options can be remarkably thin and rigidly enforced order sizes can force you to buy more than you really need.


At ID Shop, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we provide to our customers so that you always get exactly what you need in the right quantity. And you’ll never have to worry about cheap materials or flaws in production when you shop with us because we manufacture all of our ID cards in the United States.


Whether you need to order custom credentials for an outdoor festival or high quality IDs for every employee in the building, ID Shop has you covered. We stock everything ID-related from custom printed lanyards and plastic badge holders to ID card printers and supplies so that you always have what you need, when you need it.


If you need badges for an event or for your company, ID Shop will help you every step of the way. Do you just need simple identification badges with names and photos? We can do that. Do you need something a little more sophisticated, perhaps something that utilizes custom foil stamps or scannable barcodes? We can do that, too! Or maybe you need badges complete with RFID so that you can integrate contactless terminals into the workspace. We are way ahead of you. Whatever you need, ID Shop is here to supply it. Just send us a spreadsheet containing your data for the badges and we’ll send you the professional finished product.


We even have on-site services if you need us to help with cataloging and credentialing your customers and employees. We can travel inside and outside of the U.S. and have helped many multinational companies with their credentialing needs. This is especially useful for anyone running a large event where so much credentialing naturally happens on-site. Just look at our hundreds of great reviews and you’ll see why businesses all over the country trust ID Shop.


Whether you just need a small order of plastic badge holders or hundreds of custom IDs with variable data and high-security features, ID Shop is your one stop shop. Visit us online today!

Complete Your Event with Custom Badges from ID Shop

Putting together a major event is tricky. There are many moving parts and security is a critical element that simply can’t be overlooked. A successful event must be safe and well patrolled – especially if you are expecting a large number of attendees.


If you’re coordinating an event such as a concert, a convention or festival, one of the best ways to make sure people are accounted for is to have event badges printed and assigned to each attendee. If you print event badges and require your attendees to keep them visible, it makes it much easier for your security team to identify when someone is in the wrong place, find missing attendees, and improve the overall flow of your event.



With ID Shop, it’s incredibly easy to print event badges and VIP passes for your next event – and ID Shop does all of the heavy lifting for you! ID Shop specializes in printing high quality, professional IDs and badges and also supplies quality lanyards and other laminated products to fit all of your needs. They can personalize IDs and badges as much or as little as you need. Printed badges can include features such as unique serial numbers, bar codes, and even full color photographs, making it possible to have a unique badge for every attendee. This is a great security measure for ticketed events where people may need to prove that they have paid for access and are permitted to attend.


In addition to the badges themselves, ID Shop also offers a wide range of accessories to go along with them. Lanyards, for example, make it easier for attendees to ensure that they always have their badges with them and that they are easily visible to security. You can even have lanyards custom printed to further promote your event. ID Shop also offers economy lanyards to fit any budget, as well as a wide selection of plastic and vinyl badge holders. These are handy when you don’t necessarily need IDs to be visible at all times, but attendees still want to be able to access their badge without pulling out their wallets. With ID Shop, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to customizing your event IDs, VIP badges, tickets and more.


Custom event badges are a fantastic thing to consider when you’re coordinating a large-scale event. Not only are they more convenient for ticketing and security personnel, but they also make great keepsakes for event attendees. In the age of digital ticketing, it’s nice to have something tangible to remember that amazing concert, festival or con that you attended. With custom ID badges, your attendees will have something to hang on to after the event is over.


If you want to print event badges for your next event, ID Shop has many different available options. You’ll find that they are willing to work with you to create the perfect custom badges to make your event run as smoothly as possible.